International Photography Festival

The Award

The Award has been a part of the festival since 2006. The award winner is chosen among the photographers who participate in Meeting Place and the jury consists of the portfolio reviewers. With the prize comes the opportunity to show an exhibition at Museet for Fotokunst during the next and an extensive presentation of pictures in the museum´s magazine KATALOG, Journal of Photography and Video.

Susanne Wellm is the winner of The Award 2012. With the award comes a solo exhibition at Museet for Fotokunst during 2015 and a portfolio presentation in the spring edition (2013) of KATALOG, Journal of Photography and Video.

“My pictures operate in the realm between reality and fiction. I use both photography and graphical work to create my stories, first in the shape of a book and later as an exhibition project. I edit and sample old and new pictures to create poetic tales about time and existence. The starting point is my own identity and memory, but it is the composition of pictures that interests me. They are not immediately comprehensible and enforce an open narrative. I try to nurture imagination and perhaps start an inner film. The uncertain element; what am I looking at, why this combination of pictures, and who’s memory is this?” - Susanne Wellm, October 2012

Lucia Ganieva won The Award in 2009 with the series The Sunset of Fame - a series of photos of retired stage-artists at Maria Gavrilovna Savina's Refuge for the Aged Actors in St. Petersburg, De Tiltenberg - Lucia Ganieva's final graduation project from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, about male students who will enter the priesthood, and Attendants of Hermitage - a series of portraits of the ladies who work as guards in the exhibition rooms of the museum Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

"At the Meeting Place she showed some of the 27 judging reviewers images that take you into private domains to which you rarely have access. Approached with compassion, but also with an inquisitive eye, the results are compelling. Apparently her strength is in portraying people in their environment focusing on the smaller, yet telling, details that are often missed. Ganieva's series portrays men and women of all walks of life in their everyday surroundings. The settings are usually in Russia since it is her motherland and she is strongly connected with the land and its people - with her images she tries to tell their stories." - Jens Friis, KATALOG 21.3

Ditte Haarløv Johnsen received 1st Prize at in 2006 for her series Maputo Diary. She grew up in Mozambique and describes her own work as hovering between portrait photography and documentarism.

”Growing up in a different culture has affected me tremendously. Constantly I seek a place to belong to and at the same time I belong to everywhere. I grew up in a country vandalized by war and in total material deprivation – anyway I learned how to dance. An extreme ability to live in the present and the intensity which enfolds every act in life in Maputo I bring with me always. The inspiration is situated somewhere there – in my African childhood” - Ditte Haarløv Johnsen, KATALOG 18.3

Diana Scherer was awarded 2nd Prize at in 2006. She uses her interest in the beauty and drama of human existence and the fragility of the mind as a starting point for most of the photographs in her portfolio.

”My work doesn’t have much to do with the original idea of photography any more. The original idea was to show the world as it is. I construct my own fictive reality. I am not a photographer but use photography as a medium. For the last five years I have mainly photographed and filmed people. In staged images I concentrate on their bodies and postures without showing faces. Rather than their identity, I am interested in the symbolic value of the people in my images.” - Diana Scherer, KATALOG 18.3